Cool Mask Reliever - Single Pack (Includes Mask!)

Cool Mask Reliever - Single Pack (Includes Mask!)

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Cool Mask Reliever & Mask - Single Pack

Provides Cooling relief to your neck and head for up to 2 hours!

Comes with 2 freezable hydro packs, a CMR mask, and the CMR mask accessory.

The Cool Mask Reliever has created an affordable lightweight comfortable mask accessory using gel pack therapy that is reusable, remains flexible when frozen, and conforms to the head and neck when delivering cool relief.

The benefits of CMR:


CMR Mask Benefits:

  • Great breathability
  • Your lips do not touch the mask. So you can speak clearly and be heard clearly!
  • Possibly, the best nose and chin seal compared to masks currently in the market place.   Possibly even better than an N95 mask!
  • Metal nose bridge, no fogging when breathing
  • Outer and inner layers of face/front fabric interlaced/interknit at loom level
  • Double silicone stoppers on each side of the ear bands. The ear band stoppers are adjustable (soft, gentle elastic) and secured so the mask will not fall off

 About CMR:

CMR takes pride in creating products that support your passions and can enhance your experiences from working in the ER, to being on the airplane ramp or even just going on a run and doing work in the yard. That is why all of our CMR gear is made from lightweight, ultra-soft, proprietary fabrics with cooling technology that will enhance the natural process of evaporation and assist you in working through your everyday experiences.

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