Some Small Benefits of COVID-19 & Work From Home

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Hello World!

As I finally have time to sit here are write (while finally working from home), I have noticed a couple of interesting things that I think are some small benefits of all of us working from home during the COVID-19 measures.

  1. No Shaving -- I don't know about you, but I do not normally like to shave, so during the time we are all held up in our houses, I enjoy not having to shave!  I think that its good for all of us to go without shaving and growing out a beard!
  2. Little to No Traffic -- at least here in Phoenix, AZ, we are having very little traffic.  So, if and when, you are planning on going somewhere, you can plan on getting there in the 'perfect' time and not the 'average or normal' time!
  3. Gas Prices -- the national average for gas has finally dropped below $2 per gallon.  This is the first time this has happened in the last four years.  Time to fill up the tanks and let it sit in your car at home.  I would recommend that everyone have a full tank of gas always in case of an emergency.
  4. Clean Hands are now BACK as Acceptable -- not that I or most people don't clean there hands are carefully we all should, but I believe that cleaning our hands is now very acceptable to do and to do well.  Even after this event, hand washing should become more of a normal staple within our society.
    2. Above is a link to the CDC's website on how to wash your hands properly!
  5. Binge Watching TV -- time to pull up the sofa and a comfortable blanket and some popcorn, because its time to binge watch some television.  Time to catch up on all of the missed seasons of all of your favorite shows or that movie that you have been meaning to watch.  Get on your favorite internet video streaming service and have some chill time!

Well, for now, that's all of the small benefits that we and the team here at Side Hustle International have for the current COVID-19 situation.  We all wish that everyone is staying safe, following the safe interaction policies advised by the CDC and the World Health Organization.


The Side Hustle International Staff

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